physics 2018

Theme: Innovative Technologies in Physics and vitality

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Athens, Greece

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physics 2018

About Conference

Physics is the branch of science manages the nature and properties of issue and vitality. material science incorporates mechanics, warmth, light and other radiation, sound, power, attraction, and the structure of particles. The motivation of the gathering is ebb and flow points with intriguing Sessions, Symposia, Workshops, and Plenary talks, Keynote Presentations, Young Researchers Forum and Poster Sessions.

What's new?

Physics 2018 incorporates universal participants Main Conferences Highlights are traditional and current physical science, Nano-Technology, Plasma Science. “The Theme of Conference is Innovative Technologies in Physics and vitality”.

Conference Highlights:

  • Classical and Modern Physics
  • Material Physics
  • Quantum Science & Technology
  • Nano-Technology
  • Plasma Science
  • Applied Physics
  • High Energy Nuclear Physics

About Athens, Greece

Athens is the capital and one of the significant city of Greece. Athens drives the Attica locale and is one of the world's most seasoned urban areas. Athens is a widespread city and one of the prime monetary focuses in southeaster Europe. It has a substantial budgetary area, and its port Piraeus is both the biggest traveler port in Europe, and the second biggest on the planet. Athens extends over the center of Attica that is regularly alluded to as the Athens or Attica Basin. The district of Athens is the most extreme crowded in Greece, with a populace of 664,046 individuals and a region of 38.96 km2, framing the center of the Athens Urban Area inside the Attica Basin. Athens joins design styles extending from Greco-Roman and Neoclassical to present day times. Athens has been a goal for voyagers since past days. There are 148 showy stages in Athens, in some other city in the globe, with the antiquated Odeon of Herodes Atticus, home to the Athens Festival, which keeps running from May to October every year. Athens is adjusted by an assortment of transport implies, framing the biggest mass travel arrangement of Greece.


Established and Modern material science

Established material science is for the most part worried about issue and vitality on the typical size of perception, while present day material science is worried about the conduct of issue and vitality under extraordinary conditions or on the substantial or little scale.In traditional physical science, time and space are total and free, so time and space can be dealt with unmistakably. Nonetheless, if there should be an occurrence of current material science, time and space are relative and ward. Between the Branches of established and present day material science We can feature acoustics, optics or mechanics in the most native field, and cosmology, quantum mechanics or relativity in the most current applications.

  • quantum mechanics
  • physical science

Consolidated Matter Physics

Consolidated material physical science is a branch of material science that draw in with the physical properties of gather period of issue, where particles adhere to each other.Generally, they incorporate the laws of quantum mechanics and electromagnetism. it is firmly related with nuclear material science and biophysics.Research in dense issue physical science incorporates the advancement of the semiconductor transistor, laser innovation, and a few marvels contemplated with regards to nanotechnology.

  • Biophysics
  • Nanotechnology
  • electromagnetism

Material Physics

Material science is the branch of material science that depicts the physical properties of materials. It is considered as a subset of dense issue physical science which applies key consolidated issue ideas to complex multiphase media, including materials of mechanical intrigue. It frames the reason for the advancement of new materials with beforehand unachieved functionalities for future key advances, for example, nanotechnology and biomaterials Materials physical science has applications in an extensive variety of fields, from materials building and drug to atmosphere insurance through productive utilization of assets.

  • nanotechnology 
  • biomaterials

High Energy Nuclear Physics

Branch of material science associated with understanding the properties and conduct of basic particles, through investigation of crashes or rots including energies of several megaelectronvolts. Research in High Energy Nuclear Field Involves the investigation of the atomic issue under extraordinary conditions and the Quark-Gluon Plasma, which existed for about a microsecond after the Big Bang. It now consolidates themes prior thought about the area of molecule material science, including fascinating mesons, multi-GeV response contemplates, and the quark-gluon plasma.

  • Mega electronvolts.
  • Nuclear Field

Atomic,Molecular and Optical Physics   

Nuclear material science is the field of material science that investigations particles as a disengaged arrangement of electrons and a nuclear core while atomic physical science is the investigation of the physical properties of atoms. Optical material science utilize and grow light sources that traverse the electromagnetic range from microwaves to X-beams. The optical material science incorporates the age and discovery of light, straight and nonlinear optical procedures, spectroscopy, lasers and laser spectroscopy. The three branches are firmly interrelated. Normally, the hypothesis and uses of outflow, assimilation, disseminating of electromagnetic radiation from iotas and atoms, investigation of spectroscopy, age of lasers and masers, and the optical properties of issue fall into these classifications.

  • Spectroscopy
  • radiation
  • electromagnetic

Numerical and Computational Physics:

Computational Physics is the branch of science that arrangements with usage of numerical examination and its execution to take care of issues in material science for which a quantitative speculation and hypothesis is as of now there. Prior Computational Physics was principally utilized for present day PCs in science, and it has turned into a subset of computational science as of late. Numerous a times it is dealt with as much the same as hypothetical and exploratory material science. Scientific Physics is a branch of connected arithmetic which manages the advancement of suitable numerical techniques to take care of issues in material science and for the detailing of physical speculations. In this way Mathematical Physics can be clarified as "the utilization of arithmetic to issues in Physics and the change of numerical methods sensible for such applications and for the specifying of physical hypotheses".

Plasma Physics :

The term plasma alludes to the fourth condition of issue. The plasma isn't just most lively yet in addition most trying for analysts in the condition of issue. The utilizations of plasma can even give the real advantages over existing strategies. Frequently the procedures can be played out that are not in any case conceivable in some other way. Plasma can likewise give a proficiency increment in the preparing strategies and furthermore all the time can lessen the ecological effect in contrast with more customary procedures. Electric conductivity in polarized and non-charged plasma.

  • polarized
  • ecological effect

Connected Physics :

Connected material science is the science which is considered as a scaffold amongst material science and building. It is proposed for specific innovation or functional utilize. Connected Physics is started from the essential facts and fundamental ideas of Physical sciences and use of logical standards in down to earth gadgets and frameworks, and in the utilization of material science in different regions of science. For instance, the motivation and approach of experts and the possibility of the relationship to the advancement of science that might be affected by the work. It when in doubt contrasts from working in that an associated physicist may not design something specifically, but rather is using material science or coordinating physical science ask about with the purpose of developing new advances or settling an outlining issue. This approach is like that of Applied arithmetic.

Restorative Physics and Biophysics:

Restorative material science is additionally called as biomedical material science or connected physical science in prescription. Therapeutic material science offices are for the most part found in healing centers or colleges. The uses of Medical material science incorporate logical critical thinking, far reaching critical thinking of not as much as ideal execution or improved utilization of therapeutic gadgets, distinguishing proof and end of conceivable causes.

Test Physics:

Test Physics is a logical inconsistency to Theoretical Physics. It tries to examine physical miracles to assert or keep the desires from securing speculation. Trial material science generally focuses on the instruments and the data it yields. In Experimental material science, Theoretical models are attempted and new models are fabricated.

Space Physics:

The investigation of plasmas in the world's air which happen normally is known as Space Physics. Extensive variety of points, for example, heliophysics which incorporates the sun based material science of the Sun: the sun powered breeze, planetary magnetospheres and ionospheres, auroras, astronomical beams, and synchrotron radiation go under Space Physics. Space Physics and Astrophysics are two distinct ideas in that space material science comprises of situ estimations of high elevation rockets and spaceships. Space Physics basically ponders with respect to the space climate which clarifies the comprehension of universe, as well as regular daily existence items of common sense, for example, activity of correspondences and climate satellites.

  • Magnetospheres
  • astronomical beams
  • Space Physics

Delicate Condensed Matter Physics:

Delicate dense issue is an energetic turf of consolidated issue. Fluids, colloids, polymers, froths, gels, granular materials, fluid precious stones, and various organic materials are cases of delicate consolidated issue. Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, is the "establishing father of delicate issue". The word delicate in this setting does not have anything to do with the non-abrasiveness of the subsequent material, however it is just a middle person to the conventional thought of the particles. Delicate particles self composes themselves to mesoscopic physical structures which are bigger than infinitesimal structures, for example, iota and atoms but then are littler than plainly visible structures. The particles are sorted out into a crystalline cross section without any adjustments in the example at any mesoscopic scale in delicate consolidated issue material science.


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A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!


A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!